A novel by Lucsan

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In which Our planet is threatened by the approach of a mysterious object from a distant star

Astrosphere is a science fiction fantasy novel.

Twenty years ago a young David Shawdale realised his boyhood dream when he discovered a new star. Now, an astronomer at a university in England, David is surprised when his star begins to exhibit unusual behaviour. Soon an unidentified object is observed coming from the star and heading towards our sun.
American intelligence officer Betty 'Bing' Saunders is charged with the task of discovering the nature of the asteroid as it crosses our solar system. When it violently changes course and comes hurtling towards Earth, plunging humanity into chaos and panic as many believe they face their last days.
This fast paced, entertaining and thought provoking story spanning seventy years follows four people who's lives are profoundly changed by the asteroid and the mysteries it contains. When it places powerful artefacts in their hands they are taken on a flight of discovery which ultimately reveals the truth about the nature of their universe.

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Chapter 1 - Anomaly